GoDaddy Domain Registrar For WHMCS

WHMCS GoDaddy Domain Registrar For WHMCS v3.3.11

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ModulesGarden GoDaddy Domain Registrar For WHMCS is a specialized module designed exclusively for GoDaddy API Resellers to automate all workflows involved in the provisioning and management of domains within the WHMCS system. With its comprehensive assistance, you will easily set up TLDs and gTLDs, and quickly begin reselling them to your clients, ensuring a seamless and prompt service.

The module empowers your audience to check the availability of desired TLDs using GoDaddy's domain lookup feature, while also providing access to domain suggestions from the GoDaddy registrar. In addition, your customers will be able to conveniently manage their domains and DNS records directly on your website. At the same time, you will gain a detailed insight into the status and action logs of domains, with the flexibility to toggle ID protection for each domain as needed. Notably, the module also features bulk management of auto-renewals via the SSH console and supports premium domain pricing.

Revolutionize your business landscape today with the help of GoDaddy Domain Registrar For WHMCS - your unmissable opportunity to broaden the service portfolio and enhance your customers' experience in one go!

The module is updated and developed in cooperation with GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC.

Module Features:
  • Register Domain With The Cheapest TLD Type Automatically
  • Automatically Adjust Premium Domain Prices Upon Reaching Target Margin
  • Send Email Details With Shopper ID And Password After Domain Registration Or Transfer
  • Auto Renew Script - Enable/Disable Auto Renewal For All Domains
  • Synchronize Domain Expiration Date And Status
  • Synchronize Domain Transfer Status
  • Enable GoDaddy Domain Lookup Provider
  • Choose GoDaddy Account Mode:
    • User Account
    • API Reseller Plan
Admin Area Features:
  • Register/Transfer/Renew/Cancel Domain
  • Update Nameservers
  • Update Contact Details
  • Get EPP Code
  • Toggle ID Protection
  • Toggle GoDaddy Auto Renewal
  • Reset Shopper Password
  • Access Shopper ID And Password
  • Define TLD Type For Each Domain
  • View Domain Logs
Client Area Features:
  • Browse GoDaddy Domain Suggestions
  • Log In To Control Panel
  • Access Shopper ID And Password
  • Enable/Disable Domain Auto Renewal
  • Manage Nameservers
  • Lock/Unlock Registrar
  • Update Contact Details
  • Manage DNS Records
  • Reset Shopper Password
General Info:
  • Supports GoDaddy "User Account" And "API Reseller Plan"
  • Supports All TLDs & gTLDs Available In GoDaddy API
  • Integrated With Domains Reseller For WHMCS - Efficient Domains Reselling With Your Own API
  • Supports PHP 8.1 Back To PHP 7.4
  • Supports WHMCS Themes "Six" And "Twenty-One"
  • Supports WHMCS V8.9 Back To WHMCS V8.6
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 Or Later
  • Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version