JWPlayer Google Drive Proxy Player Script | Anti Limit + Ads Support v1.8.3

PHP Scripts JWPlayer Google Drive Proxy Player Script | Anti Limit + Ads Support v1.8.3 1.8.3

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Script Feature
  1. Log in at domain/admin (user: [email protected] - password: 12345678)
    1.Support Google Photos & Google Drive Videos
  2. JWPlayer Newest Version Enterprise License Automatic Update (8.7)
  3. Advanced Hotlink Protection Included
  4. JW Player, VideoJS & JUICY Player
  5. Player & Download Pages Available
  6. Option For Bulk Links Generation
  7. Add Single/Multiple Subtitles
  8. Add Custom Player Preview Image
  9. Add VAST Ad (Skip Ad)
  10. Download & Share Buttons Available
  11. Video Quality Settings Available
  12. Different User Roles Available
  13. Add Pop + Banner Advertisements
  14. Advanced Yet Easy Controls
  15. Awesome Admin Dashboard
  16. Affordable One-Time Payment

  17. installation Instruction
    • Webserver (Hosting or VPS),
    • SSL,
    • PHP (v5.6+),
    • PHP cURL (v5.0+),
    • IONCUBE PHP LOADER (v5.0+),
    • MySQL (v5.6+)
    • .htaccess support is recommended,
    • APACHE Recommended
    • NGINX not recommended
    • Upload and Import,

    • JWPlayer Google Drive Proxy Player Script | Anti Limit + Ads Support
      I found it on google, it seems to work well so I'm sharing it with everyone? Similar features to

      Supports Google Photos (Bug) & Google Drive Video
      JWPlayer latest version updates enterprise license automatically (8.7)
      Includes enhanced Hotlink protection
      JW, VideoJS & JUICY Player
      Player and Download page
      Add subtitles
      VAST Ads (Skip Ads)
      Download & Share button
      Video quality settings
      Webserver (Hosting or VPS)
      PHP (5.6 - 7.0)
      IONCUBE PHP LOADER (v5.0+)
      PHP cURL (v5.0+)
      PHP mcrpyt extention
      MySQL (v5.6+)
      .htaccess support (recommended)
      It is recommended to use APACHE server rather than NGINX
      Installation Instructions:
      Upload files and folders to Webserver (Hosting or VPS)
      Create database and import db.sql included in the download file
      Change the url in the settings table in the database to your website url
      Enter Database information for the config.php file
      Log in at domain/admin (user: [email protected] - password: 12345678)
      Change Ads/ Skip Ads (VAST)
      Go to templates\jwplayer\template.php
      At lines 34 and 39 insert your XML URL VAST ADS TAG
      To remove ads, delete the code **advertising*
      Ad position:
      Pre : Before the video starts
      Post: After the video ends
      50% : Mid video
      Note: when naming the movie or subtitle, do not use Vietnamese

    • Google Drive Proxy Player Script helps you to stream video files stored on google drive and google photos in a fully customizable way, you will have full control over the player.How this works: This script act as a single user to Google during simultaneous downloading in the server’s backend and streaming in the visitor’s front end which not only helps to stream the video a lot of times but also doesn’t waste your server’s valuable storage. However, the streaming speed depends on the incoming/outgoing network speed of your server and also few other things like the disk read/write speed, connection quality to Google’s server, connection quality from visitors network to your server etc.As you may already have guessed that your server requires a lot of bandwidth depending on different things like video file size and your website’s traffic. In case you are in doubt where you can find a good server with a lot of bandwidth for a decent price then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will try our best to not only suggest a perfect server but also provide you a perfect server. Get in touch with us over Skype regarding server related questions if possible.

      Product Features:
      • Support Google Photos & Google Drive Videos
      • Advanced Hotlink Protection Included
      • JW Player, VideoJS & JUICY Player
      • Player & Download Pages Available
      • Option For Bulk Links Generation
      • Add Single/Multiple Subtitles
      • Add Custom Player Preview Image
      • Download & Share Buttons Available
      • Video Quality Settings Available
      • Different User Roles Available
      • Add Pop + Banner Advertisements
      • Advanced Yet Easy Controls
      • Awesome Admin Dashboard
      • Affordable One-Time Payment
    • ¡¡¡ATTENTION!!!
      You should be able to set the PHP version to PHP 5.6 (ea-php56). So that everything works properly.