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Novashare SAAS is an application that lets you deploy a SAAS version of your application, enabling your visitors or users to share their files with their friends and family.
A version of this application already exists on the platform, and this SAAS version brings the possibility of billing your users.
Once you've purchased this application, you'll have full control over its use. You can modify the site's behavior through predefined configurations that allow you to adjust the functionalities of your application, all from your administration space.
You also have the option of modifying the source code, which is based on the PHP language and, more specifically, the Laravel framework. In this case, you'll need to have a basic understanding of this language and framework to be able to modify it.

Login details

email: [email protected]
password: 12345678

Front End Features​

Admin Features​

Here's the list of Administrator features you'll get with this application:
All website statistics
Add new admin or user
Manage all uploads view & delete
Manage Ads
Storage (Local server, Amazon S3, Wasabi S3, Backblaze b2)
View all Reports for file
File icons
Create and edit Faq
Create and edit post Blog
Create and edit Tranlation
Create a plan for your user
Edit plan for your user
Update general settings (SEO, max file size, set website storage, change default language )
Update Email Settings
Update Appareance Settings (Logo, favicon)
Update Recaptcha Settings
Update page Payment Api (Stripe/PayPal)
Update page Settings (page Privacy and Terms of used)
Update Api : Facebook login

User features​

Here are the user features
Upload multiple files
Manage all uploads view & delete
Update account information & change password