VIPEmbed - Movies TV Shows Embed PHP System

PHP Scripts VIPEmbed - Movies TV Shows Embed PHP System v1.3

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provides an embed video player for streaming and helps you to create a movie & TV shows database including streaming and download links. Basically, this script is developed to better manage to "stream" links and "download " links in one place.

It has many other unique features and I will mention that information in the features section.



Admin Login:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 123456
User Login:

  • Username: user
  • Password: 123456

About Partner Program​

By joining the partner program, users can collect rewards by doing general activities (adding new movies, series, or links ) and sharing embed links ( pay per view ).

  • General Activities:
    • Users can add new movies, series, and links to the site. adding new movies and series will be added rewards to your account balance automatically. but to get rewards by adding links, want to get admin approval. If the admin, approved the user's links, then rewards will be added to the user's accounts.
  • Pay per view
    • users can share embed links and they will get rewards based on their visitor's country. Rewards are counted up to 1 within 24 hours per user.