Vipub - The Advanced Social Network PHP Script 1.3

PHP Scripts Vipub - The Advanced Social Network PHP Script 1.3 1.3

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Vipub is a new generation script with which you can create your own social media platform!

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VipubSM is an analogue of social media platforms Instagram and Twitter.
With the VipubSM script, you can use your website as a “question/answer” site, as a news portal, or as a full social networking platform.

VipubSM will always continue to be developed and updated.


1. Powerful, functional and next-generation modern Instagram & Twitter design
2. A powerful multi-purpose admin panel
3. Upload images, gifs or videos from your device
4. Import GIFs from internet
5. Messaging system
6. Notification system
7. Bookmarks system
8. User wallet system
9. White / Dark design system
10. Like & Comment & Repost system
11. Post sharing system
12. Embedded YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter posting system
13. Ability to add multiple administrators
14. User profile system
15. Follow / Unfollow system
16. Emoji system
17. Multi-language system
18. SEO friendly optimization
19. GDPR Compliance
20. oAuth login system
21. Email notifications
22. User verification request submission system
23. Premium account system
24. And much more..


Vipub Social Media Script is developed on native php code without using any framework other than helper libraries. Vipub developers used popular technologies like Bootstrap and Jquery.


1. PHP 7.1 or Higher. (We recommend using the latest PHP version as well as the MySQL server)
2. GD Library
3. cURL
4. MySQLi
5. MBstring
6. PHP Zip Module


v1.3 Update (September 7, 2023)

- [New] - The design structure of Instagram and Twitter (Theme)
- [New] - Welcome page with a simpler look
- [New - Developed] - New post sharing design
- [New - Developed] - New post listing design
- [New - Developed] - New post display system
- [New - Developed] - New post privacy system (Toggle commenting)
- [New - Added] - System for embedding TikTok videos
- [New - Added] - System for embedding YouTube videos
- [New - Added] - System for embedding Instagram posts
- [New - Added] - System for embedding Twitter posts
- [New - Added] - User bookmarks system
- [New - Added] - Customized emoji display system (Messages)
- [New - Added] - Improved menu area for user profile. (Posts, Quotes, Media, Likes)
- [New - Added] - 6 new languages added. (Japanese, Chinese, Bengali, Hindi, French)
- [New - Added] - Sign in system with Twitter
- [New - Added] - Image sharing support for direct messages
- [New - Added] - Emoji sharing support for direct messages
- [New - Added] - System for selecting and sharing GIFs for new post creation (import via GIPHY)
- [New - Addet] - Added an "Alert system" for banned users, informing them that they are banned. (Login page)
- [New - Addet] - User verification request submission system
- [New - Addet] - Premium account system
- [New - Addet] - "Turn on/off" verification requests system (Admin panel)
- [Fixed] - Video sharing support for new post (Existing bugs fixed, unusability problem fixed)
- [Fixed] - Fixed the issue where non-logged-in users could use the like post and follow user buttons
- [Fixed] - Fixed the issue where non-logged-in users could not view the "Explore page, user profiles and post detail".
- [Fixed] - Fixed the issue where the total notifications counter (not being reset)

And in essence, more bugs are fixed, functionality is increased, and all obsolete technologies are removed and the latest versions are used.

And much more..