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Schema Markup Made Easy with Schema Pro
Quick & easy way to automate schema markup.

NO PROGRAMMING & CODING SKILLS. Automatically Markup Your Website With Ease
Creating a schema markup is no longer a task! With a simple click and select interface you can set up a markup in minutes. All the markup configurations you will set are automatically applied to all selected pages & posts.

  • Article & Pages. Structured markups for a news, blog or an article page can enhance the appearance in search results. If you are a blogger, or an author who contributes news and articles, you can use the article schema markup to add additional information and create a better snippet that gives a clear picture of what your article is all about.
  • Recipe / Food Blog. Do you own a website that flaunts recipes and cookery tips or just a blog where you post your handmade recipes? The Recipe Schema Markup is the one for you! You can add fields like Ingredients, Preparation Time, Cooking Time, etc so that users know a few tit-bits before opening the page.
  • Product & Service Reviews. You can use the review schema markup to attract users and show them your positive side.
  • Local Business. A Schema Markup for a Local Business will help you create an attractive markup that will display additional information in search results. Do you own an eatery, a dental or health clinic, a pharmacy, a school, grocery store, salon, etc. etc. This one is for you! With Schema Pro you can set a local business markup within minutes.
  • Book Review. Users often hunt for a book online. Attractive schema markups make it easier for users to discover books and authors within search results. As an e-book publisher, you can create a relative markup for your book so that users are encouraged to purchase immediately after finding it in the search results.
  • Product & Service Reviews. Like everything else, your product too can outshine the other search engine results. All you need to do is use a Product schema markup. If you own an eCommerce website or if you are a product company, you can create these product schema markups to show off products, their reviews, price and availability to bring in the right audience on the page.
  • Events. Are you hosting a Free Salsa class or a drawing competition? You can use a schema markup to structure data in such a way that your event will stand out in search results. Whatever the event is, you can use this markup to attract users so that they can find the event and attend it too!
  • FAQ Pages. Do you have a FAQ section on your website? That can address users’ common queries. If yes, this schema can be very useful. FAQs can help users with any presale queries, product features, usage queries, etc. Well, formatted FAQs can boost sales. With Schema Pro you can apply FAQ schema markup on FAQ pages with 4 steps. This helps to display FAQs as it is in search results.
DIGITAL MARKETERS FAVORITE TOOL. Outperform Your Competitors in Search Engines
  • EYE CATCHING RESULTS. Additional information like reviews, ratings, time, etc. will make your snippet stand out from the rest.
  • POTENTIAL INCREASE IN CTR. Displaying positive information including ratings and votes encourages users visit your page.
  • ALL POST TYPES. With a large number of schema types, you get complete freedom to use them on all your website post types.
Latest & Up-To-Date With Google
  • JSON-LD IMPLEMENTATION. We've implemented JSON-LD in Schema Pro, keeping up with the latest trend and technology.
  • HIGHLY OPTIMIZED CODE. With a clean and minimalist code, Schema Pro surely meets Google guidelines.
Revolutionary and Intuitive
  • CUSTOM FIELD SUPPORT. Schema Pro gives you complete freedom to map required fields with existing values or add custom values to them.
  • EASILY EXTENDABLE. With easy to use filters, you can add additional fields and extend the markup with details that you wish to display.