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Introducing the Limit Resource Downloads add-on​

Limit Resource Downloads add-on gives forum admins powerful control over resource downloads by allowing them to set a variety of limits, such as:
  • Daily download limits
  • Positive Reaction requirement
  • Minimum message count limits
  • Force account upgrade
The add-on also includes informative interfaces and user-friendly error pages that explain the reasons for download restrictions. This helps to discourage abuse and promote fair use of resources.

In addition, the add-on can encourage user engagement on the forums and can lead to more account upgrades, boosting your site’s revenue.

Key Features​

Here are some of the key features of the Limit Resource Downloads add-on:

🛠️ Usergroup permissions: This allows admins to fine-tune who can download resources, and under what conditions.
🧩 Support for setting permissions in each Resource Category: This gives admins even more granular control over download limits.
📉 3 types of limits: Admins can choose from customizable download limit, reaction limit, and message count limit.
↩️ Ability to bypass limits: Admins can allow users to bypass limits by setting them to “Unlimited” or by granting them the appropriate usergroup permissions.
📊 Info Tabs Bar: This provides a quick overview of the user’s current download limits for the viewed resource.
📄 Download Limits Overview Page: This provides a detailed overview of user-specific download limits for the accessed resource.
🎯 Custom Buttons: These buttons provide quick user info/alerts, such as the number of downloads left or an alert that the download limit has been exceeded.
🚦 User-friendly error pages: These pages explain and guide users through download limits and restrictions.
⚙️ Admin options: Admins can customize the download limit reset time, enable/disable the Info Tabs Bar and Download Limits Overview Page.
🎨 Easy customization: Custom classes and dedicated style properties for effortless customization.
⛔ Restrictions on changing or undoing reactions, controlled by admin options & usergroup permissions.

If you’re looking for a powerful way to control resource downloads on your XenForo Resource Manager, the [XenCustomize] Limit Resource Downloads add-on is a great option. It’s packed with advance features and gives admins the flexibility to fine-tune download limits to meet their specific needs.

Complete features list:​

  • Implemented up to 9 new usergroup permissions for configuring download limits and bypass options.
    • Download limit
    • Countdown timer time [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Message count limit
    • Can bypass message count limit
    • Reaction limit
    • Can bypass reaction limit
    • Can change reaction [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 2]
    • Can undo reaction [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 2]
    • Force account upgrade
  • Implemented support for setting permissions in each Resource Category.
  • Implemented the following types of limits:
    • Customizable download limit/quota for a specified number of hours (default: 24 hours)
    • Positive reaction limit to prevent downloads without reacting to the resource.
    • Message count limit - admin-defined minimum messages required for each usergroup to access downloads.
    • Force account upgrade, replacing the download button with an account upgrade link.
  • Implemented the ability to bypass the above limits:
    • Ability to set "Unlimited" in the download limit/quota to bypass download limits.
    • "Can bypass reaction limit" permission to bypass reaction limits.
    • "Unlimited" or "Can bypass message count limit" usergroup permission to bypass message count limits.
  • Implemented Info Tabs Bar displaying a quick overview of the user's current download limits for the viewed resource.
    • Responsive Info Tabs Bar with scrolling, similar to Resource Tabs in standard XFRM.
    • Option to enable/disable via admin settings (Enabled by default).
  • Implemented a "Download Limits Overview" page offering a detailed overview of user-specific download limits for the accessed resource.
    • Detailed overview and various info messages in the download limit section based on scenarios:
      • Download Limit
      • Downloads Left
      • Download Limit Reset Time
    • Detailed info messages in the message count limit section based on scenarios:
      • Message Count Limit
      • User Message Count
      • Detailed explanation of how the reaction limit is applied to the user in the reaction limit section.
  • Implemented Custom Buttons integrated with the Download button to provide quick user info/alerts:
    • "Downloads Left" counter (visible when users have remaining download quota)
    • "Download Limit Exceeded" alert (visible when users have used their download quota)
    • "Upgrade your account to download" (visible when Force Account Upgrade permission is active for the user)
    • "Upgrade account" (visible when Download Limit is exceeded for the user)
  • Implemented user-friendly error pages explaining and guiding users through download limits and restrictions:
    • Reaction Limit Error Page with an Encouraging Title, Message, and Custom Buttons: "Click to Go Back" and "Learn More"
    • Message Count Limit Error Page with an Encouraging Title, Message, and Custom Buttons: "Click to Go Back" and "Learn More"
    • Force Account Upgrade Error Page with an Encouraging Title, Message, and Custom buttons "Click to Go Back" and "Available Upgrades" linked to account upgrades.
  • Implemented Admin options for customizable control:
    • Download Limit Reset Time in Hours.
    • Countdown Timer Time in Seconds. [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Enable Download Limits Quick Info Tab Bar.
    • Enable Download Limits Detailed Overview Page.
    • Positive Reaction IDs. [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 1]
    • Reactions change restriction. [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 2]
    • Reactions undo restriction. [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 2]
  • Implemented limits on Version Downloads on the History tab.
  • Added custom classes and style properties for effortless customization of Info Tabs Bar, Custom Buttons, and Download Limits Overview page: [NEW 1.0.2]
    • Button Caution
    • Button Negative
    • Button Positive
    • Info Tabs Bar
      • Positive color
      • Negative color
      • Caution color
  • Implemented a download countdown timer before displaying the download button. [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Implemented pause the countdown timer when user switches to another tab. [NEW 1.1.1]
  • Introduced a new download page that showcases: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Countdown timer [NEW 1.1.0]
    • File name [NEW 1.1.0]
    • File size [NEW 1.1.0]
    • File extension [NEW 1.1.0]
    • File view count [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Multiple ad positions [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Sidebar widget position [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Click to Go back button [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Limits overview button [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Admin option to set the default number of seconds that users should wait before initiating the download: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Countdown Timer Time in Seconds. [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Added usergroup permission to customize “Countdown Timer Time” per usergroup, overriding the admin default: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Countdown timer time. [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Included a couple of XenForo native ad positions for placing advertisements on the download countdown timer page: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Limit Resource Downloads: Countdown timer above download. [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Limit Resource Downloads: Countdown timer below download. [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Added new widget position to place widgets in the sidebar position on the download countdown timer page: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Limit resource downloads: Countdown timer. [NEW 1.1.0]

What's on the horizon?​

We've completed the feature additions for the v1.1 series. Our development focus will now shift to v2. Meanwhile, for this add-on, we remain committed to enhancing stability, refining existing functionalities, and addressing any reported bugs and compatibility issues. Thank you for your support!

Compatibility with XF and XFRM​

While the add-on is built using the latest versions, we require a minimum of XF 2.2.4+ and XFRM 2.2.2+ for proper compatibility. If you need compatibility with older versions, kindly before making a purchase.

Screenshots, Install and Setup​

Install "[XenCustomize] Limit Resource Downloads" like any other XenForo add-on. In the admin options:
  • Default setting for the Countdown timer is 5 seconds, which you can adjust to your preferred duration.
  • You must specify your preferred positive reaction IDs.
    • Default positive reaction IDs are: 1, 2, and 3.
  • If you would like to restrict users changing or undoing reactions, then activate these options:
    • Reactions change restriction.
    • Reactions undo restriction.

Latest updates

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