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XF2 Style [XenGenTr] Style V9 Generation theme 1.9.9 V9

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2.1 , 2.2

For demos of all themes;

Username: xgtDemo
Password: xgtDemo

Our new theme V9 is now on sale. We will try to tell you and give you information about our new theme as much as we can.
First of all, the most crucial point of this theme is that you will know that you will get themes in dozens of different images with one template. These themes are to know how to do with a few clicks without extensive work such as code and template change.
With changes you will know in global templates such as header, footer, you will be able to play theme options and you can serve more to your users' taste using 5 different templates thanks to this theme in a forum. 5 different templates are just one example, this number knows as dozens.
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[XenGenTr] Style V9 - 9. Generation theme 1.9.9

For different demo views :

Username: xgtDemo
Password: xgtDemo
By choosing other templates of the footer theme, you know a few examples of what you will know...


[XenGenTr] Style V9 - 9. Generation theme
Our new theme V9 is now on sale. We will try to tell you and give you information about our new theme as much as we can.
First of all, the most crucial point of this theme is that you will know that you will get themes in dozens of different images with one template. These themes are to know how to do with a few clicks without extensive work such as code and template change.
With changes you will know in global templates such as header, footer, you will be able to play theme options and you can serve more to your users' taste using 5 different templates thanks to this theme in a forum. 5 different templates are just one example, this number knows as dozens.
Video Introduction of the Theme

Extended Product Information

Header field properties;
Header area completely decomposed from the default system, bam has been turned into another structure. Thanks to this structure, you are aware of providing an environment as if you were using another theme, forum at any moment, replacing the visual control of the header area with the meaning of the day, psychology that day with certain intervals.
You know how to make the differences in the ways you see in GörseL demors with a few clicks, you see 6 different designs in the current demo, if you add them in night modes, it means exactly 12 different designs.
Graphic or text logo system;
- Graphic icon, option to add logo
- Text logo area.
- Text slogan area.
- Add Font Awesome icon, replace it.
- Color, font and various css customizations for texts.
- Open / close hover effect for logo

Particles system and various movement options;
- Moving lines
- Moving mini apartments
- Moving hexagons
- Moving apartments
- Particles opacity management.

Control options for wavy appearance;
- Wavy view open/close
- Wave color management.

Mega announcement field selectors;
- Mega announcement open/close.
- Mega announcement title management.
- Mega announcement content text management.
[XGT] Forum statistics system;
- Option to list stastic data in this field.

Footer area properties;
The footer area is a design per head. A depth was provided with the 3-dimensional background graphic design and a more effective visual was obtained with this depth-colored wave effect. A more eye-catching and understandable structure was obtained with the added boxes for forum data.

A visual color phrase and an impressive line have been added with the rainbow strip placed on the footer floor.
Various statistical data supported with special plug-ins, info area to inform users, more remarkable footer connections. With the dynamic text field in the info field, more focused information knows how to publish alerts, so we ensure you reach your goals one step further.

Footer forum statistics;
- Open / close forum statistics.

Footer Mega quick links;
- Open / close mega quick links boxes. If closed, display is provided in the default area.

Footer forum leaders statistics;
- Open / close user-based statistics datasets.

Footer wave effect;
- Open / close the Footer wave effect.

Footer info area;
- Open / close the forum info area.
- Forum info text field.
- Dynamic text field;
- You know how to add more effective focused messages with a variety of dynamic text that will attract users' attention.

Area features to my forum list;
All the most preferred options have been added to my forum list with the features added to the field. Moreover, these options are not only designed as admin controlled, but are now prepared in a structure that they will manage in their users, so that users are targeted to spend more time in the forum. With the background pictures that will be known to the person who will be assigned to my Grid list and forum, you know that you can get a more remarkable and visual feast of forum content. With category-specific plug-in FA icons, you know how to make a more impressive listing thanks to category emphasis, icons designed as mini and mega icons.

Specials to my forum list;
Default forum list sequence;

- Forums and categories lined up in the default structure. ( User knows personalize )

Grid forum list;
- With Grid listing, your forums are listed in the form of boxers. ( User knows personalize )
- Add-to-back custom background for grid view. ( User knows personalize )

Adding a category-based custom category;
- Category highlight with Font Awesome icon that will be added for the category. Mini and mega are in your categories as large.

Listing options;
- Open / close category icons.
- Open / close the mega large transparent icon.
- Grid view - IMG background open / close
- In my grid view - Forum open / close numerical data
- Grid view - Open / close the last message area

User banner system;
Thanks to the banner system presented in the XenForo structure, it has now been used to know user banners according to the profile of all users and to obtain different designs in several areas. This number is now aimed at facilitating poster tracking by disclosing the banner of each user and using the posters more effectively in the forum.

User banners are available in the system xenforo 2.2 and above, If the user banner system is not enabled, this system will be shaken by default and see css customized structures in areas where the banner should appear, or no change will be made!

User banner features;
With a special area that comes as a widget integrated into the theme, user numerical data, user avatar, username apprentice banner design is designed to be kept at the forefront. In this design, the user was provided with fast banner replacement link.
The attached user poster has been added to the user menu background.
With the css customizations above every subject opened by the user, the subject has become more remarkable and stylish.

User banner options;
- Open / close profile banner on topics
- Open / close the profile banner on the visitor panel
- User panel widget open / close
- Topic porfil poster background amimation open / close
- Show to visitors
If the selection is made, profile posters on the subjects of the users will also be shown to the visitors . This is not recommended as it will be an unnecessary burden!

Theme editing system;
What is the theme editing system ? If we briefly explain, it is to manage the features listed below. In this way, user-oriented themes are known to be obtained.
Thanks to this system, no user knows how to control the theme, forum features of himself, limited to the options offered without having to use the structure designed by the manager. Thus, the user knows how to provide relative controls to his taste while achieving more efficient forum use.

Of course, if this control is requested, it knows that it is taken from the user and only when the manager uses it as he wants. I want that the forum is only used in dark color, so light color is not suitable for its structure in the forum. If so, the forum is only used in dark, and the user cannot change color. Or no I want the dark theme but if the user wants to use it in light color theme, now it's possible in the buddha ;). These options are not limited to color only, you will see all of these options in the list below.

Theme editing system features;
- Being day and night mode knows how to choose two different color concepts.
- Option to use your theme as a narrow theme on full screen.
- Side bar close or open option.
- Sticky side control.
- Forum listing style option, list or grid.
- Grid option to use graphics for the option.
- Header area Particles control open/ close.
- 6 visual checks added for Header.
- 3 different graphic background selections for header.
- 3 different granite appearance selections for header again.
- Open / close these controls for all visitors
- Open / close the system tamemen

Theme editing system options;
- Day and night mode contort = Drop to default or user control.
- Theme width contor = Drop to default or user control.
- Closed side bar control = Drop to default or user control.
- Sticky side bar control = Drop to default or user control.
- Style check to my forum list = Drop to default or user control.
- Img view control in grid list = Drop to default or user control.
- Header animation control = Drop to default or user control.

Header background management details;
It is a coded system for the controls of visual configurations in the design header field. Thanks to the system, you know the use of 6 different visual structures within the limits specified below to your users. Of course, the basic control of this is again in the hands of the managers. If desired, you know to limit it to a visual or you know 6 visuals. You know how to add the desired background as the existing one when making this design change, you know that users can meet these images in the first forum entry.
In this way, while moving visually one step forward in your theme, the user knows your visitors to the change of their focal points, you know how to advertise or enrich the forum with the design that suits your content.

Header background management options;
- Open / close background use.
- Graphics turn on / off background usage.
- Granite turn on / off background usage.
- Granite available for background know number of colors min 1 max 3
- Graphics available for background know number of colors min 1 max 3
- Default background check, granite or graphic selection.

- 3 Color control area for different granite appearance
- Detailed control area for 3-poster graphic view
- img open position (URL )
- flagran color option area for img.
- Background size as img css (background-size = cover,contain v.b.)
- Background exposure values as img css ( background-position= center -800px)
- Repetition combinations as img css ( X,Y or repeats in all directions or repetition )

Announcement blocks system;
Apart from the announcement blocks of the XenForo system, they are special announcement blocks designed for the theme. These blocks are listed as 3 side-by-side boxes. Begging knows that it is listed in two or two.
Thanks to its specially designed structure, you will know the targeted thought to the users with a visual wealth while attracting more attention. In this way, we believe that nothing will escape in the eyes of users.

Announcement block specials;
- Open / close the announcement blocks
- 3 Position in different positions or use your own position.
- Show visitors/hide
- Show only on the home page or on all pages.
- Hide on mobile users or show on all systems.
- Hide detailed text just show as title.

Announcement block content management;
- Announcement title field, text.
- Announcement content area, text.
- A URL field covering the announcement block.
- Announcement-specific Font Awesome icon insertion area.

Generally customized structures;
You will see as you use it that there is no limit to changes and customizations to the theme. No matter how much we write here, we don't even remember who. However, I would like to talk about certain parts.

General customizations;
- 6 Upload animation for different pages knows by opening and closing for each field.
- Theme custom in and page structure is completely re-encoded and harmonized with the theme.
- Topic view (postibit) is specially designed and considered for the theme.
- Solution highlighting system in question answer issues, message that hit the solution on the solved subject.
- Color management for footer and wave effects.
- Day and night mode option for the entire structure. Structure in two different colors with a theme.
- A visual structure compatible with the theme with the XenForo announcement system tamami.
- [XGT] Forum statistical system compatibility with the theme.
- By adding additional CSS codes [XGT] Prefix system AND [XGT] User banner system use
- Open / close my lower navbar system

As you use dozens of additional enhancements that don't come to our mind, you will see as you use.

XGT Software and web services contract rules:
As XGT Software and web services
We support XenForo forum owners for paid add-on, theme, setup, software migration. The parties declare, accept and undertake the accuracy of the information written in this contract.
1-) General rules and conditions
It is assumed that all our customers read and accept the contract. Being a new member or not being notified of the contract is not a valid reason to violate the contract. The contract list period period is updated and customers should periodically review the contract list.
1.b XGT Software and web services It is forbidden to distribute themes made as, plugins elsewhere. If detected, your account on XenGenTr is prohibited and the legal process is initiated by our lawyers.
1.c XGT Software and web services It has the right to add a decisive text, logo, link to its site, to the website it prepared at its request by XenForo.Gen.Tr. our products XGT Software and web services has a license. License rights are completely XGT Software and web services It belongs.
1.d XGT Software and web services your product purchase also identifies you with a customer account via XenGenTr and allows you to access and download all your purchased files from this account for 1 year.

2-) Payment and returns
XGT Software and web services
It does not deliver the entire fee in advance for the product, and the Theme, add-on and other services without payment.
2.b After the purchase, digital The product cannot be changed as soon as it is delivered to the user. This rule is just digital Applies to products, this does not apply to service, support processes.
2.c Requests other than the received service are priced extra otherwise, outside of the service received, no action is made by us and no refunds are made.

3-) Security
XGT Software and web services
In the work it will do with the administrator, you can request your server information and ask you to change your server information when the process is finished. Otherwise, from the negativities that will occur later XGT Software and web services managers cannot be held responsible.
3.b XGT Software and web services information and files in upload operations by XGT Software and web services It is safe. It is definitely not shared with the 3rd people.

4-) Possible problems
If the customer has installed the chilling setup on the XenGenTr team after receiving our product and he may want to edit the product later and do it easily.
However, the files are accidentally deleted or damaged by the customer XGT Software and web services out of responsibility. In such a case, if XenForo.Gen.Tr is asked for a re-installation XGT Software and web services can charge extra setup fees.

XGT Software and web services product transfer, domain change and license rights
  • Product usage time is limited to life and update time is limited to 1 year.
  • The product is only licensed for the 1st domain and can only be used in 1 domain.
  • XGT Products cannot be transferred, only domain change knows.
  • Change fee on some products for Domain change is requested, please get information.
  • After the product purchase, the license is activated instantly.
  • In some products, the installation is done by us for licensing. For such products, max is installed within 24 hours.
  • For all products FREE 1 Fashion the installation knows to request.

XGT Software and web services Do not hesitate to contact us for what you want to ask, when you fall in the hesitation about their products.

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