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The [XTR] Account Upgrades Page is an essential tool that allows you to generate income while making your community more attractive. Offering options that fit users' needs and highlighting benefits will help your community grow and thrive.

Customize Community Experience in XenForo: Stand Out with the New [XTR] Account Upgrades Page

The growth and development of online communities are made possible by offering users more privileges and especially account upgrade options. The highly flexible and expandable structure provided by the XenForo platform presents a fantastic opportunity for community administrators: Creating a personalized Account Upgrade Page tailored to their needs and community dynamics.

[XTR] Account Upgrades Page: A Feature-Rich Experience

XenForo's new Account Upgrade Page offers community administrators numerous customization options. You can now present your account upgrade packages in a more attractive and user-friendly manner.

Here are the advantages of this feature-packed page:

Flexible Description Editing: Editing the description area of your account upgrade packages is made simple using HTML tags. You can emphasize your headings using <h3> and <h4> tags, and you can write your text until the end of each line without using the <br> tag. Thanks to the plugin's feature, you can visually edit your descriptions as well.

Advanced Sidebar Editing: You can edit the content explaining the account upgrade packages in the sidebar as you wish. With XenForo's built-in advanced editor, you can visually enrich your content and present it to users.

Highlight a Package: You have the ability to spotlight a specific account upgrade package. This allows you to prominently present advantageous packages to your users.

Distinct Background Colors for Each Package: You can assign different background colors to each account upgrade package. These color choices help create a more visual and engaging structure.

Image Banners for the Sidebar: You can upload distinct image banners for each package to be displayed in the sidebar. These banners include the package names and Font Awesome icons assigned to the packages on the left side.

Custom Font Awesome Icons for Each Package: You can input a unique Font Awesome icon code for the background and banner that will appear for each package. This enhances the overall visual appeal.

Optional Sidebar Control: With this new feature, you can choose whether or not to display the sidebar on the account upgrade page. This provides both administrators and users with the flexibility to toggle this feature on and off.

Expandable Title Sections: Considering the possibility of extensive content in description fields, we've also implemented collapsible title sections to maintain readability.

Limited Content Display: For managing longer descriptions, you can implement a feature that displays content up to a certain point, providing a more manageable reading experience.

In Conclusion

With new [XTR] Account Upgrades Page, community administrators have access to a wide range of customization options, allowing them to enhance the attractiveness and interactivity of their communities. Offering a variety of packages tailored to users' needs and presenting them in a visually striking manner can greatly contribute to community growth and engagement.

Leverage this newly enhanced [XTR] Account Upgrades Page with its array of features to elevate your XenForo community's potential and deliver an unforgettable user experience. Empower both administrators and users with customization options that set your community apart.

You can watch the video for detailed information.

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