ips community suite

  1. hifitechindia

    Invite System 2.7.1 2.7.1

    Compatibility IPS Version4.7 This application will allow your community to use an invitation system for new registrations. You can make it mandatory (or not, depending on your configuration). In this case, an invitantion code will be required in order to register a new account in your community...
  2. hifitechindia

    Topic Thumbnail 4.6.11 4.6.11

    Compatibility IPS Version4.7 Main Features: Display thumbnails of topics in the main forum view. Topic's authors or member groups that you specify can change thumbnails. They can choose a thumbnail from images in topic content, external URL, or upload from computer. Ability to generate the...
  3. hifitechindia

    QR Code Share Service 1.0.1 1.0.1

    Compatibility IPS Version4.7 This application adds a QR Code to the share button for items and the individual share popup for individual posts/comments/reviews. Features 2 free APIs supported: Google & QuickChart. Options to change the following settings for all APIs: size, margin, error...
  4. hifitechindia

    Videos 3.5.6 3.5.6

    Compatibility IPS Version4.5 , 4.6 , 4.7 Allows your participants to send their own videos for viewing in the community. Support included for all major video sites. Characteristics: NEW Support for user fields for each category. NEW Support for fast video addition. NEW Video.JS support for...
  5. hifitechindia

    Musicbox 4.4.1 4.4.1

    Compatibility IPS Version4.7 MusicBox is an application for IPS 4.x that allows users to upload their music online and share them to social networks. Features: Upload your music. Create playlists. Genres (categories) for songs, playlists. Custom Fields: create any number of custom fields that...
  6. hifitechindia

    Chatbox+ 2.8.7 2.8.7

  7. hifitechindia

    IPS Suite - IPS Community Suite Released Full 4.7.16 4.7.16

    Invision Community 4.7.16 Released 01/23/2024 Key Changes This is our January maintenance release. Additional Information Core Added the embed.php controller to the robots.txt file and added a noindex tag so that search engines don't index the content. Added the referring URL to the content of...