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    PHP Scripts Novashare - File Sharing SAAS 2024-05-10

    Overview Novashare SAAS is an application that lets you deploy a SAAS version of your application, enabling your visitors or users to share their files with their friends and family. A version of this application already exists on the platform, and this SAAS version brings the possibility of...
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    PHP Scripts BellooRed - Adult Premium Content Creator Software + Models NEW

    https://www.belloored.com/#pricing DEMO: https://demo.belloored.com/ Ready to go business with the best models of the internet and lots of content to engage your visitors and make them subscribe in your site.
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    PHP Scripts ChargePanda - Sell Downloads, Files and Services (PHP Script) v1.0 v1.0

    ChargePanda stands as a robust eCommerce solution tailored to empower digital entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives. It’s a versatile platform that facilitates the presentation and sale of an array of offerings. From custom design services to software products and downloadable templates...
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    PHP Scripts StreamAPI – Movies & TV Series Embed API Links - PHP Script 1.2 1.2

    StreamAPI – Movies & TV Series Embed API Links - PHP Script : provides an embed video player for streaming and helps you to create a movie & TV shows database including streaming and download links. Basically, this script is developed to better manage to "stream" links and "download " links in...
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    PHP Scripts ptcLAB - Pay Per Click Platform ViserLab 3.9 3.9

    is an laravel Based Script for Pay Per Click business. You can run your own PTC, PPC or PPV website within a minutes without any programming knowledge. Admin able to set unlimited links from admin panel, and when user click or view those they will get paid. Its an online Earning Platform for...
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    PHP Scripts E-Pay - Ultimate Payment Gateway System by AMCoders 1.3 1.3

    is a payment gateway solution made with Laravel Framework. Customers can create accounts for collecting payments from their clients. It supports the transfer of money to anyone, requesting money, storefront, digital product, physical products, invoice, donation campaign, single Charge...
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    PHP Scripts TruelySell - On Demand Handyman Services, Nearby Service Booking Software (Web + Android + iOS) 2.3. 2.3.4

    Admin Login Details URL: https://app.truelysell.com/admin Username: demo Password: demo Provider Login Details URL: https://app.truelysell.com/ Mobile Number Login: Username: +91 9988776655 Password: 1234 Email Login: Email : [email protected] Password: 123456 Customer Login Details...
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    PHP Scripts 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon 1.1 1.1

    Introducing the new Payment & SMS Gateway addon from 6amTech. No matter where you want to run your business with 6amTech’s products, now you have multiple payment and SMS gateways to choose from. It packs with 33 payments and 14 SMS gateways. Note: This addon isn’t an independent product. It...
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    PHP Scripts Extra payment gateways for Botble eCommerce 1.0.0 1.0.0

    Extra payment gateways for Botble eCommerce This is a combo payment gateways. It’s including Coinbase, Bux, Iyzico, Yoomoney, Payfast, Xendit, Thawani, Flutterwave, PayU payment gateway. Compatible with the latest version of eCommerce script from Botble. Easy to install. Just need to copy our...
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    PHP Scripts Mingle SAAS - Social Auto Poster and Scheduler PHP Script v5.3.1 v5.3.1

    Mingle – Social Auto Poster is a SaaS-based Social Media Auto Poster & Scheduler with payment gateway support and a wise choice to publish your content automatically on well-known social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business, Reddit, Blogger and Pinterest...
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    PHP Scripts 66Uptime - Uptime and Cronjob Monitoring tool by AltumCode 32.0.0 Extended 32.0.0 Extended

    66Uptime - Uptime & Cronjob Monitoring software Self-hosted, easy to use, lightweight, and performant monitoring tool. - Monitor websites, servers, ports - Track domain names SSLs & expiration dates - Cronjob monitoring - Beautiful & functional status Pages - Multiple notification handlers - Web...