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  1. hifitechindia

    PHP Scripts TruelySell - On Demand Handyman Services, Nearby Service Booking Software (Web + Android + iOS) 2.3. 2.3.4

    Admin Login Details URL: Username: demo Password: demo Provider Login Details URL: Mobile Number Login: Username: +91 9988776655 Password: 1234 Email Login: Email : [email protected] Password: 123456 Customer Login Details...
  2. hifitechindia

    PHP Scripts Aoxio - SaaS Multi-Business Service Booking Software v2.1 Extended

    Live Preview Screenshots Demo Main Site: Site Demo User Custom Domain: User Custom Domain Demo User Business Site: User Site Demo Online Documentation Security: There are various mechanisms to secure application. These mechanisms are: Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)...
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    PHP Scripts Appsthing POS - Multi Store Restaurant & Retail Point of Sale, Billing and Stock Manager Application v6.0

    New Update Released New v 6 [Update Released 2023-03-31] Change Log v 6 [2023-04-29] - Bug Fix : Installation helper updated to fix activation Change Log v 6 [2023-04-09] - Bug Fix : Pusher packages updated for PHP 8.1 Change Log v 6 [2023-04-07] - Bug Fix : Digital...